About the fear and regrets

FreeImages.com/Andrew Keller.

It’s a world full of experts but very few leaders. The modern age is congested with knowledge and information but with insufficient application. We are so powerful but we are afraid… Why are we so afraid all the time? At least I am. You could call it a relationship. Me and my fear do everything together: we go to lectures together, we even sit next to each other; we have lunch together; we go to movies together; we even sleep in the same bed and we wake up at the same time… In fact I dream about her… She never leaves me and she never will. Creepy? Nah, she’s cool.

To be honest, I got used to her. Ironically,ย  sometimes she gives me comfort. Maybe somewhere deep down I don’t want her to leave me because fear is better than loneliness? Actually, I don’t know… They look very similar when they stand next to each other. Could they be twins? They have to be related in some way at least… Well, my point is I know both of them very well… Our friendship goes way back…

I always believed that happiness was a lie, but then I discovered that it really is a lie… It is not real. It is a drug that hooks you in and leaves you begging for more. And you chase it however way you can and that chase defeats you. Why is it that we are taught from a young age all about the importance of happiness and negativity is hushed away? Don’t you feel tired of chasing that elusive ghost called ‘happiness’. Why is negativity so badly portrayed? I mean, I hangout will all the ‘Negatives’ on daily basis. We are like a band of brothers at this point…

How many regrets do you have? I have plenty. I regret not talking to people more often. I regret the things I didn’t say and the thoughts I did utter. I regret the friendships that I didn’t develop. I regret not taking those opportunities that now I know I should have. I regret not thanking my parents enough and I regret not saying ‘I love you’ more often (or just not saying it…). I regret being weak. And that’s only a start…

But I don’t need to suffer anymore. Neither do you. Perhaps we all have been beaten up too many times and we just stopped getting up, because what’s the point…?


This is for all those times we wanted to object but couldn’t find our voice. For all those times we wanted to confront but we lacked courage. For all those times we wanted to commit but were too afraid. For all those times we wanted to dare but backed out. For all those times we wanted to stay back but we followed. For all those times we should have stood up but remained sitting. For all those times we had to fight but didn’t. For all those times we didn’t get up to fight another day. For all those times we were too afraid.

For all those times we wanted to be ourselves but we couldn’t.

Here’s to the new day and a better future.



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