Movie review: Allied

Allied is a movie that I liked because of its emotional story and superb acting.

This movie is worth watching but I would advise you to stay away from the trailer because it reveals too much about the plot and may ruin the movie for you. Personally, I am grateful not having seen the trailer prior to watching the movie and the watching experience was more enjoyable.

The film ‘Allied’ is a WW2 drama/romance starring Brad Pitt (Max Vatan) and Marion Cotillard (Marianne Beauséjour). It is a story about two WW2 secret agents who are tasked with killing a Nazi ambassador in Casablanca and, after the mission, get married and create a family in London. Of course, there is a twist that changes the story-line completely (and this is why you should not watch the trailer).

The movie is centered around deceit, imitation, lies and survival and these themes beautifully tie into the story and the characters’ lives.

I was surprised that this movie received more criticism than praise, because I loved it. I loved it because of its powerful story and excellent acting. I have not paid much attention to Marion Cotillard before, but her acting left me speechless. She certainly is a phenomenal actress and greatly complimented Brad Pitt.

To me the portrayal of Max’s and Marianne relationship was convincing and the two lead actors were phenomenal in the portrayal of their characters and their circumstances. To me, this was more than a WW2 story, because the story itself had little to do with war or the outside world, in general. It’s not a movie about the events of WW2, the spies but a movie about two people and everything else being just background noise.

However, the movie had its flaws. Having seen ‘Imitation Game’ it was strange to watch the intimate/open scenes of the relationship between Max’s sister and her girlfriend. It also seemed that the relationship between Max and his sister was underdeveloped as their scenes added nothing to the story.

In summary, the movie was powerful in its simplicity and emotional strength. In a sense, I, myself, have fallen in love with Marion character and I was charmed by Brad’s Max Vatan.

*******************  Spoiler alert  *******************

I felt sad about the ending. I wanted Max to save Marianne (of course, that’s not her real name) sooner, because they deserved it. Of course, in real life, she was a spy, a traitor and to the government nothing else mattered. Treating her like an enemy was definitely a correct decision, and having not been exposed to their love story, we would feel no sympathy for her. Unfortunately, she had to die but in doing so she protected those she loved.

And maybe for this particular story, she had to die, that’s what made the movie so emotionally powerful. I wish they would have managed to escape but then it would have been a different movie.

Some movies are more than just pictures on a screen and, to me, this movie was exactly that – something more. Although I am sad Marianne has died, I would love to re-watch this movies, but, knowing how it ends, I’d rather not. The ending was suffocating and poignant, but, from the closing scenes, it appeared that Max has embraced her sacrifice and carried out her last wishes of taking care of his daughter.

I would recommend this movie to anyone who likes emotional stories.


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