Movie Review: Pitch Perfect (2012)

I rarely watch musicals and tend to stay away from cheap romantic comedies but I unexpectedly came across Pitch Perfect that seemed to be both of those things. With the 7.2 IMDB rating the film possesses, however, I was intrigued. Although, the synopsis promised nothing original or too interesting for my liking, I decided to watch it anyway. I was genuinely surprised how much I enjoyed it. It had good singing, good acting, good characters and a lot of good comedy. It did not have cheap romance elements and was a good choice for a relaxing evening.

Fat Amy (Rebel Wilson) was the standout actress of the movie with her charisma and comedic lines. She was hilarious and I will make sure to watch more of her films, in the future. I also want to mention the performances of the a cappella commentators Gail (Elizabeth Banks) and John (John Michael Higgins) – their one-liners and exaggerated, ‘outrageous’ comments were farcical.

I believe the movie could have been longer to allow for greater exploration of the characters and more good comedy. I also want to criticise the final part of the movie; it seemed to be rushed. I found the last singing practice scene of The Bellas was more enjoyable than their final performance and the ending in general seemed anti-climatic. My suspicion is that the creators wanted to set-up the sequels, so the film ended abruptly. However, with the Pitch Perfect 2 rated as 6.4, it seems to have been a mistake.

It seems that, from the beginning, there was an intention to create Pitch Perfect series rather than let it be a stand-alone film. And that makes sense, but I have heard more negative comments about the 2nd movie than positive ones, so I am still debating whether I should watch the second movie. In my opinion, if the original film was made longer and explored more deeply, Pitch Perfect would have been good as a lone film.

Regardless, it is a decent film. It is light, funny and entertaining with only a few drops of silly romance.


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