This main theme of this blog is a search of The Legacy.

It is about who we are and what we will become. It is also about what we will leave behind.

We have dreams, goals and aspirations but no clear-cut ways to achieve them. Too often the regrets of the past shackle and trap us in our faults and failures. We look at our past and anchor ourselves in the land of what-could-have-been. We judge our past defeats and conclude our future. Only when it is too late, we realize how much we have achieved.

No amount of self-help books, motivational videos or life-coach lessons will answer the most fundamental questions about ourselves. We rely too much on others to help us and we don’t put enough faith in ourselves. Only when we will take back the control of our life, we will conquer what is ours.

We were never meant to be silent watchers of this world, we were born to participate and conquer. Forget the mystical land of tomorrow – the only day that matters is today. Today is the day you challenge yourself. Today is the day you confront your future.

It is time to dare; it is time be bold and selfish; it is time to become yourself.

It is time to leave your legacy.